We develop custom web apps.

Some work we've done

  1. https://calbot.co.uk
    1. A meeting scheduler for groups and teams. The service scans calendars of a group of people and finds a mutually available time slot that works for everyone. It integrates with Stripe for payments and Google Calendars, Outlook, Exchange, Self-Hosted Exchange, iCloud, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Whereby through APIs to scan calendars and schedule virtual meetings.
  2. https://iwannabe.app
    1. A platform for students aged 13-20 in England to find NHS placements. The app connects NHS Trusts and hospital departments with students enabling them to post, manage and analyse placements and also shortlist, communicate and accept students into open roles. IWB also uses Google Maps APIs to only accept students from around a certain geographical area specified by the NHS Trust.
  3. https://cryptodaddyshop.com
    1. An e-commerce store selling cryptocurrency apparel to fans and enthusiasts. The website is optimised for conversions with upsells and checkout timers. Moreover, it has a native checkout experience. The store has APIs set up to fulfilment centres and suppliers, so that when the order comes in it is automatically sent to the correct fulfilment partner hence requiring no manual work.



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